Our crew is looking for convincing the youth to be interested by science. We would like to create a spark in their eyes when they see the planet Earth. A short presentation about aerospace and mainly science will be realised. Then, the stratospheric balloon will be send into space !
All the process will be filmed. We will send your logo, your product, your own experiment or your mascot into space.




Thank to our system, we are able to track, in real time, the balloon. The balloon is then easily find.
Then a video will be made thank to the rushes recorded and a nice video will be created.




The best project are those we always remember. With the flight of a stratospheric balloon you will be guarantee that your students will pratice, enjoy and love science.


Do not wait anymore !


We are able to accustom ourselves to a variable audience.
Do not hesitate anymore for you unforgettable experience of science.


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